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an alphabet to help a dear friend - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read

There have been a few postings regarding my most recent alphabet painting to be donated to a silent auction to help a dear friend, Tara Kelly Kidd.  Before sharing pictures of the finished painting I would like to tell Tara's story and a few ideas on how anyone and everyone can help.  I write this with a heavy feeling in my heart and tears in my eyes.  I also write this with inspiration, as this story is about the most courageious and charismatic person I know. 

As written by her sister Tammy - here is Tara's story...
Imagine you are twenty-nine years old and have your whole life ahead of you. Now, imagine that you are twenty-nine years old and have just been diagnosed with a rare form of colorectal cancer. The cancer has spread to other organs in your body and all of your hopes and dreams for the future are now in question. This is what Tara Kelly Kidd is currently facing.

 Prayer Chain for Tara Kelly Kidd

Tara first became ill with abdominal pain in December 2009. She went through multiple emergency room and medical visits, along with uncomfortable diagnostic testing before she was finally diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Shortly after her diagnosis, Tara's father passed away losing his own battle with abdominal cancer.

Tara began treatment with chemotherapy in June of 2010; however after 6 weeks of chemo and radiation, her cancer quickly spread to other areas of her body. As you would expect, chemotherapy has been a grueling course of treatment for Tara. Through all of Tara’s struggles, she has continued to fight for her life and has somehow managed to maintain her positive attitude. She has also had multiple surgeries to try and help fight off the cancer. Her most recent surgery deemed her cancerous tumors inoperable at this time. Tara was told she would need to be on chemotherapy for the rest of her life. Just when she thought matters couldn’t get worse, Tara has medical bills that have mounted to tens-of-thousands-of-dollars. Unfortunately, Tara was uninsured when she was first diagnosed with cancer and has been too ill to work since May of 2010. Even with her current insurance, many treatments are not fully covered. 

Tara is fighting for her life. The little energy she has should be focused on her physical and emotional health, not on fighting with bill collectors and hospitals about paying medical bills. This is where each of us can make a difference in Tara's life. We have to take on Tara's financial fight because she simply cannot do it. Why are we responsible for helping her? After all, she is just a stranger to us. Stranger or not, Tara is a fellow human being in need. She is someone's wife,
daughter, sister, aunt, best friend, or former co-worker. She deserves to have a future as a cancer survivor without the worry of bills and finances getting in the way. We can all give a little to make a big impact in someone else’s life. When you look at it this way, the better question is…why wouldn’t we do something to help?

Tara's website is:

Information on Tara's upcoming fundraiser:

Dinner and silent auction to be held on August 21, 2011 at 2:00 PM at Big Rock Chophouse in Birmingham, Michigan.
Silent auction items will include art work, tickets to sporting events, scrapbooking items, Leelanau trip package, jewelry, personal training sessions, and much more.

Tickets are available for purchase in advance for $50.00 per person. Proceeds will go directly to Tara for medical and living expenses.

Wear blue business casual attire to show your colon cancer awareness.

To purchase tickets, please contact

Allison Bannick at 734-476-5392 or

Please purchase tickets by August 15, 2011.

Can’t attend, but still want to help?

Make a donation to Tara now at:

Or contact Lisa Murillo-Evans to donate silent auction items. Lisa can be reached at 734-915-7015 or

Big Rock Chophouse is located at 245 South Eton Street, Birmingham, MI 48009

Other ways to help:

  • Prayer is powerful - Pray for Tara
  • like Tara's facebook page and leave her a message of encouragement by clicking the following link and hitting the "like" button:

The finished alphabet painting:
Tara's Alphabet - the most meaningful project I have ever completed

Samples of a few of the letters:
smelly skunk and a unique hummingbird - the xantus - thank you to a good friend Missy for the xantus idea (and the newt!)
n is for newt - aren't they cute?!

a yellow jacket and a zebra round it out
when did you ever expect to see a quail, a rooster, a viper and a whale in the same place!

an anteater and a curious bear...
this d is for dog, this one is based off a picture of Tara's puppy, Sully
 and e is for elephant
j is for jaguar, k is for kangaroo, o is for owl (my daughter insisted!) and p is for penguin

I hope that this tiny contribution can help Tara.  I also hope that posting this helps create awareness for Tara and creates some positive prayers and thoughts sent her way.

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