Thursday, July 28, 2011

technology and time...

WOW, has it been an interesting week!  Or has it been two?  Time is flying in crazy ways and I'm not sure if technology is helping or hurting...

 I have never considered myself to be reliant on technology.  After all, it was just a little over a year ago that I was still operating with a flip phone.  However, starting a business requires a lot of technical support.  So, I find myself swept up in the tidal wave of technology, always looking to do more and at a faster pace.  This is why, last week, during an ever so sweet moment of memories with the family, it happened.  I had a technology crisis...(maybe a little dramatic but it felt dramatic at the time).

When my daughter was about ten and a half months old she began to walk.  There is nothing more exciting than a brand new toddler taking those first few unsure steps.  The look of accomplishment on their sweet little faces, the proud smile and the way they hold their tiny hands up to you for support. We are about to embark on this journey again, as my son is this exact age and is practicing hard to keep up with his sister.  I thought it would be nice to celebrate this coming of age, this inevitable milestone with a video that we had taken of Oakley when she first started to walk.  I had it cued up and ready to go about ten minutes before my husband got home.  After the grandiose moment of arrival, after all the hugs and kisses and after my little lady excitedly grabbed her daddy's hand to show him the momentous video....we realized there was a problem.  We had built ourselves up for a shrieking, wobbling first time walker and instead were greeted by a black screen.  WHAT?!  Neither of us being computer gurus, my husband and I looked at each other with a blank stare and simultaneously uttered the words "what now?" (or was it oh, $&!%?)

Oakley taking her first steps

Truman thinking about walking

I won't weigh this entry down with the details of how we came through this "crisis".  I will only say that I am finally back on the blog (better the blog than the bottle, right?).  It's been a little while since I had computer access so I have been going a bit nuts.  Miraculously, I have also found more time without this time sucking saving machinery.  But wait, aren't computers and other forms of technology designed to save time?  Isn't it true that you can literally connect with hundreds of people within minutes.  Isn't it true that basic business applications take seconds compared to hours of handwritten, hand calculated stuff????  Apparently, my obsessive compulsive computer behavior had to be dealt with swiftly.  I was allegedly spending too much time doing things that didn't matter.  Too many minutes of my day had one eye on the computer and one eye on my babies.  Countless hours were spent analyzing stats on how many visitors came to my website and who joined the 4 of us in following this blog....and none of these things mattered.  Which is why, out of the blue, the powers that be struck me down with a black screen.

Now, my daughter would argue that the black screen wasn't necessary, that she lost an important week of playing her Elmo game and watching our home videos.   I know this because of the thousands of times that she has asked me for these very things that only our working computer could supply.  But let me tell you kiddo, life can be tough, and sometimes we have to give Elmo a rest.  She might be more excited to have her "computer life" back than I...but here is what I have gained from the break that none of us wanted:

more quality time with the babes
more quality time with the hubby
more quality time with the paint brush
more quality time with myself (again with the cheese - I can't help myself)

In other words, more quality time in general.  My priorities were shifted.  I still spend hours on the computer, I still love writing about what I am doing, I still love reading what others are doing, I still do research for my paintings and I still (sorta) love facebook and twitter.  I always will.  These tools are necessary to help me achieve what I want with my business and let's face it....they can be a little entertaining.  But I have learned to let go of the little things that don't matter. I think the grown ups call this PERSPECTIVE.

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