Sunday, July 10, 2011

to tree...or not to tree?!

It is very interesting that so many nurseries and children's room feature trees.  While planning rooms with families, the most popular request has been to start with a tree.  I can relate to this request...obviously, I have trees in both of my kids rooms.  What is it about trees?

Take the time to look at a tree.  I mean really look at a tree.  It is so easy to get lost in the leaves.  Laying on the ground and gazing up at the tangled web of branches with their countless supply of leaves so delicate that they remind us soft baby skin.  Simply listening to the quiet, gentle rustling is reminiscent of a lazy summer day. 


The delicacy of the leaves is offset only by the incredible strength found in the trunk.   Like the person you count on most in your life, a tree's trunk is always there, always supporting and always holding everything together.  Who wouldn't want this kind of stability to anchor the decor of their child's room? 

photographer David Dominguez

Trees simply remind us of being young.  To a child, a tree represents a friend who provides cool shade on a hot summer's day, a jungle gym begging to be climbed, a perfect place for a swing to go as high as the birds flying above, a place to meet your best friend for the days adventures.... 

photographer Tina Baumgartner

photographer Shanna Cramer

Trees are always there to look over you.  Whether outside a bedroom window, at a favorite spot in a field or park or even looking over your city or town, trees are constant.  They are always there, always watching, always waiting and always observing.

Plus, trees are just pretty.  Any kind of tree can be painted to match any style, any tastes and in any colors!  So the question remains, to tree or not to tree?  The answer, of course, is of personal preference.  I chose to tree and this decision has been a very popular one with the little people in my life.

this colorful tree in our daughter's room
is home for her two owls

a whimsical weeping willow sweeps leaves over the spot where a crib will go in this gender neutral nursery

a cherry blosson tree for a baby girl

the gender nuetral tree in the corner greeted both our daughter and son

our gender neutral tree turned boy...

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