Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did the earth just move!?...

Can you feel that?!  Is that the Earth moving?  Right under my tiny feet?  No, my feet aren’t tiny, but tiny’s feet are tiny!  And tiny just started taking some very big steps.  tiny by design has had something HUGE happen this week.  It is interesting the way things work out.  It FASCINATES me how the right people and events are where they need to be in life for the plan to unfold…  It is also very interesting how ”ringers”, or  things that you might think you need to happen, don’t work out.   Am I talking in riddles?  Yes, I am.  I am so excited that I can’t help but to put something out there.  This is a story worth telling, in detail…someday.  Someday really soon.  I would like to reveal it at the right time when all is ready to be seen and when all that is to be, JUST IS.  Stay tuned, I’ll be back soon!

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