Monday, January 23, 2012

soul pacts

Ahhhhh...This is what I am talking about!  I finally started my research for a better understanding of souls and their interactions with each other over time.  I uncovered so many tidbits this weekend (while taking care of FOUR little kids, a dog, nursing strep throat and taking care of a baby with strep throat....all by myself.  BOOOO).  I guess there is never a better time to dig deeper than the present, even when the present is crazy...or so they say!  Today I will share some of the thoughts I have generated around soul pacts.  A topic that makes me smile wider than my three year old on Christmas morning.

What I find most interesting, is that with very little research or knowledge of the topic under my belt, the idea for the Soul Series simply came to me.  Now, in developing enough knowledge to write a compelling story (that actually makes sense), the very FIRST book I picked up in the arsenal of resources, discusses the idea of soul pacts.  In other words, souls make a pact before incarnating to the human world.  This is the exact basis of my story.  The interactions, based on these pacts, that souls have in the human form can last from a few moments to a relationships lasting years.  They meet throughout lifetimes.  Have you ever had a "chance" encounter with a stranger where you swear you have met them before?  Or perhaps felt so at ease with a person upon meeting that you feel like you have been friends forever?  Odds are the these "chance" encounters aren't "chance" at all.  These meetings (along with other relationships) are part of a well planned pact between a soul group. Whether these encounters build into lifelong relationships or the connected people never see each other again, they are indeed connected.  

According to James Van Praagh, Souls have specific plans and incarnate to the life they need in order learn specific lessons toward soul enlightenment.  More on this later as I feel I have just scratched the surface.  It is the basis of this thought that allowed me to outline the idea toward the forward in my book.  The forward will set up "climax" type of the moment with chapter one beginning lifetimes before and the last chapter ending several lifetimes later.  Confused?  Me too.  But I know with further reading and writing it will all come together.  Most plot/book specifics I will keep to myself to allow to evolve as they need.  In these writings I look forward to sharing more of the research and ideas from spiritual leaders that are helping to shape my story.  In the meantime, I look forward to obsessing over my own relationships and hoping to recognize some souls in people I meet...although I may have a long way to go before reaching such insight.  Regardless, it's fun to do some soul searching!

Happy Soul Searching to all!
soul sister

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