Tuesday, February 28, 2012

souls by design

Alrighty then. I think I am making things easier...and I know I am making things more fun. I like to blog, so one might wonder why I almost never publish a new post. Well, I made the (sorta) mistake of moving my blog to my tinybydesign.com address. Good in theory but horrible in application. The program I chose was extremely difficult to publish and I slowly but surely found excuses to "not have time". I went back to blogger and started a blog called "soul series" to outline the progression of a new idea I have been working on, more about that later. I have to giggle as I write this with my kids terrorizing me at my feet. Truman with his long. shrill screeches and Oakley with her horror movie screams. Then, ahhhhhhhh, playdough...Thank you, play dough. I can now resume thought.

Anyway, so I decided to throw another "bydesign" name into the mix, return to blogger (a.k.a. blogging the easy way) and just write about all the different aspects that influence the development of my little "tinybydesign" company. This includes lots of painting (obviously), running (not so obviously), raising my babies (obviously) and making good on a secret promise I made to myself a long, long time ago: writing a book (not at all obvious). Only a few know of my writing dream (you girls and that boy know who you are) and I apparently am ready to go public (ish). To anyone who reads this blog...thank you, and I hope my slow progress is at least entertaining or interesting enough. Sometimes I wonder how I will balance it all and sometimes I just know that all of these things are meant to be done.
My next post is a mommy post....or is it a robot post??? Stay tuned. Off to make Easy Macs for an easy lunch. Hey Truman, get that playdough out of your mouth! He is allegedly hungry.
happy day,
p.s. a few mentions I might want to mention:)
www.tinybydesign.com is still my art website...the blog tab will link to this blog
www.soulsbydesign.com is the official website for this blog
I would love to grow followers and plan to be parked here for a while...so if you feel like sharing, I feel like being shared!
Thank you for reading! Please feel free to comment anytime - I would love to here from you!

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