Wednesday, February 29, 2012

robot art

What kid doesn't love robots?  What kid doesn't love art projects?  I am sure that they exist but I know my babes are crazy about both....and it makes me smile.  Well, the art part does anyway.  It is so much fun to help my little ones find the joy of creating.  We are fortunate enough to get an issue of Disney's Family Fun magazine in the mail about once a month.  I can't be quite sure where this comes from, don't remember exactly subscribing to it and am not sure it really matters...we all love it.  It's funny how, the day it comes in the mail, my little non-reading babes grab if from my hands and scour through it.  I personally love it because of all the great projects and ideas it contains.

Oakley picked the project for today...she could pick between making flowers or robots.  Based on the title of this post, I bet you guessed flowers! 

step 1
dig through the trash to find all the toilet paper rolls left in the house:) yes, I said it, we dug through the trash.  well, I did anyway, not the kiddos... I have a tiny bit of dignity

step 2
paint the outsides and insides of the rolls with acrylic paint...kiddos pick the colors!

step 3
paint a square on the front of each robot body.  Oakley really liked this step.  I held her hand while we made the squares, but by the end of it she was so into making squares, that she made her own on the "counter-protecting newspaper".  I might be a bit biased but I think she is pretty good for three!

step 4
polka dots in the squares! (or where ever else they seem appropriate!)

step 5
coil pipe cleaners around a pen, poke a pin sized hole in the sides of the rolls and insert the pipe cleaners...whalla, arms!

step 6
paint on a squiggly mouth, paint or glue on some eyes and your robots are complete!

Now, we found two toilet paper rolls and one paper towel roll.  Naturally, I suggested the big one be the mom (me) and the two little ones were Oakley and Truman.  I was quickly shot down as Oakley adamantly let me know that the big one should, without a doubt, be daddy.  Okay, I can live with that since they are preparing to spend the weekend together as momma gets ready visit her besties in Texas (that's a whole nother post for a whole nother time!)

and if you are wondering what True was up to while we were flinging paint...

when we wouldn't let him eat the paint, he got mad

then we gave him yogurt (kinda looks like paint) and he got happy
his hair never really recovered

In the end, they both love their robots.  So much, that they now are on a shelf covering our wedding picture.  Sometimes, something's gotta give.

happy day,


  1. LOVE this!! so creative and I love the pic of True mad that he couldn't eat paint. This post totally made me smile!!

    1. Thank you for the comment! And mostly thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Awesome post! I love it! So creative and great pics!

  3. Thank you lady! I am so happy to get to see you in ONE day!

  4. What a fun idea!! We are so going to do this!! Love it!!

  5. HAHAHA!!!! Turner!! I literally busted reading this post, first, because I can see you digging through your trash, love, btw, the disclaimer that you didnt allow your babes to dig through the trash!! Such a great idea!!!! I love it!!!!


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