Wednesday, March 28, 2012

egg carton art

I was greeted this morning with "mom, can we have donuts?"

"No, honey.  We don't have any donuts."

"Well, then can we have pancakes?"

"We can if we have everything we need to make them."

"Okay mom, you better get in there and check."

So I did.  And we did . .  barely.

As I cracked the last egg in the house, I absentmindedly said, "I bet we can make something out of this egg carton."  You really need a filter around three year olds.  Nothing gets by them.

I was then reminded of that exact statement 54,002 times.  Before lunch.

There was no getting out of having a craft day.  So here is what we did:

I cut the egg carton up into several sections of varying sizes.

I lined them up and let the kids decide what each section should become.

Oakley pointed at the four section egg carton and said "that looks like a Caterpillar" and so it became a Caterpillar.

She looked at the three section part and said "oh, you know I meant to color the lights."  Right away I knew she meant traffic lights.
A tiny background story:
Oakley has become quite the backseat driver always telling me to "go mommy" or "catch that truck in front of you mommy" or yesterday, "get going mommy, that light is green!"  I of course gave her a giggle and she giggled back.  Then she got really serious and said, "you know what I should do when we get home?  I should color those lights."  Which we got home and forgot to do . . . until this morning.
So the three egg section of the carton would become a traffic light and the top of the egg carton a short section of a road.

Finally, the one egg section was quickly pronounced a turtle.

our supply list:
egg carton
 pipe cleaners
 small and medium fuzzy balls
 acrylic craft paint
 egg carton
and a cup of coffee in my "shhhhhhhh...mommy's not coherent yet" cup.
i love keeping a bag of eyes around - easy way to bring a project to life

my coffee cup - too bad the kiddos can't read

The rest was pretty spontaneous - Oakley decided on color schemes as we went and we discussed which supply would make the best legs, antennas, spots, eyes etc...  I cut holes for her to stick legs in and cut a slit in the top of the egg carton to stick the traffic light in, you know the "big people stuff".  But, really, she did all the work.

I love the intensity of her concentration when making crafts
she would do this type of stuff all day
she even painted a pond on the paper for her turtle to swim in (the green/black thing at the top is a lilly pad)

Oakley loves her little projects and has been pretty busy playing with them while I write this quick post.

this ambulance had to "rescued" when it was in danger of falling off the short section of road -
gotta love their imaginations!
For the record, Truman agreed with all her choices. If you read the robot art blog post, and are wondering what we did to keep Truman in a better place. No worries, he recently became a fan of the dvd player. He even knows how to say "dvd pease". I'm not necessarily proud of his young love of the dvd, but it is pretty cute and it does come in handy in times of need.  And I think he looks super manly sitting at Oakley's pink picnic table by himself.

I would love to hear and share more kid projects!  Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

make it an artsy day,


  1. OH my gosh!! You totally inspire me!! I would never have thought to do Egg Carton Art!!! Awesome!! Friday is egg carton art day in the Salter house :)

  2. awww Kim - thanks! Have a great egg carton art day! it really was fun:)


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