Monday, March 26, 2012

introducing tiny story boards

A painting that tells a story.  So simple. So fun. So pefect for tiny by design.

The idea came to me early Sunday morning.  Like all good ideas it came out no where (I would say, "it just felt right" but I say that about everything:)  so it's getting kinda old)  But it did feel just right, for the record.

I was on one of my long runs and thinking about doing another alphabet painting for a little girl.  I have been wanting to do something all castle and princess related.  Some of the letters were tricky (the typical scoundrels like x and z).  I was running and thinking and running and thinking when the sentence "Angels looked over the castle" came into my head.  This led in to "they watched over a boy named Ben" which led into "who craved a crown for his crazy hair".  You get the picture.  Images came into my head to illustrate each part with all the letters in the alphabet.  The story changed a bit (from angels to king Arthur) and it became a  full a-z story about a boy named Ben and his amazing adventures trying to get into the castle!

Here is a tiny snippet:

the dragon - my personal favorite

More to follow in a couple weeks as I get this painting on a giant 30x30 canvas.

this canvas - the size of one large weimaraner and one large three year old

This then inspired my launch of a new line for tiny by design:

tiny storyboards

I will offer an entire line of original alphabet story paintings for boys, girls and families.

Custom story boards will also be a big part...imagine one giant canvas outlining an adventure for your little ones.  Entire families can be included - kiddos, moms, dads, dogs, cats, favorite aunts, the family cow - really, the sky is the limit!  Illustrated family adventure that provides fun decor, a good story and some alphabet learning all in one!

Then comes the possibilities for children's books.  AHHHHHHHHHH, the future is bright! 

More details and ordering information coming soon!

please send me a message if you are interested

happy days (not the show, just happy days),

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