Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cosmic cosmos

We decided to help spring along this year by making our own blooms.  This is one of the cutest - and easiest art projects to do.  They also make fun decorations to brighten the room as we wait for our gardens to bloom.  (My tulips would have bloomed already if the deer hadn't eaten all but one flower bud...so I have one lonely yellow tulip bud hanging in my garden).

last year...
these are the tulips I got from my garden last year...
with plenty left to give my garden color
this year... 
this is the sad lonely bloom of the year . . .

With no spring tulips in a vase, we had to do something to brighten up our house this year.  Enter "Cosmic Cosmos".  Thanks again to our friends at Disney Family Fun.  I had to feature this project simply for the fact that it is so easy to do, you only need a few items and they are so cute!

the idea - from Disney Family Fun magazine
all you need:
toilet paper rolls, paint, scissors, tissue paper, glue and
 bamboo skewers

1. Paint a toilet paper roll for each flower you want to make in your kids' favorite colors.  Be sure to paint inside and out - both sides show when you cut the petals.

2.   Cut about 1/2 inch off another toilet paper roll to make leaves for the flower.  Paint the leaves and bamboo skewers green.

cutting leaves

3.  Make sure you forget to brush your kids hair so they look great in the crafting pictures.  (oops, I apparently forgot this step - sorry Oaks)

the wild artist with wild hair

4.  After paint dries, cut the petals on both sides of the flower toilet paper roll leaving about an inch in the middle.

cut fringes on each side leaving an inch in the middle - the fringes make the petals

5.  Poke a pin hole in the middle of the flower to stick the skewer in for the flower stem.

bend the petals down and poke hole in the middle for the stem.
 please excuse the sheen of my metallic paint

6.  Stuff the center of the flower with tissue paper

7.  Glue the leaves to the stems.

we are messy crafters around here!

8.  Wallah - fun spring flowers!

We actually gave these to our sweetheart of a neighbor on her 13th birthday.  We had so much fun making them and Oakley, with her generous spirit, couldn't wait to give them as a special gift.

So, like with all the kid's art posts, I have to report what we did with Truman while we were busy with all the steps. 

1.  I gave him a rare daytime treat - his Paci.  We usually save them for sleep, but today we need to buy some time.

2.  We played a game of clean out the cabinets - a toddler favorite! 

3.  With a craft project all over the kitchen and tupperware all over the floor, Truman decided to take a rest...he tested all the empty cabinets until he found just the right spot. 

the lazy susan sounded right - being lazy and all
but just didn't work...

ahhhhh, perfect!

It might not feel like it today (are those snow flakes I see!?)
but happy spring,


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