Sunday, April 22, 2012

creating like a "rock" star

Some things just never go out of style.  Like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.  Or wooden toys and legos.  How about flip flops?  Anyway, today my kids and I revisited an oldie but a goodie...

pet rocks!

So it all started yesterday when we went for a walk (or run) on a trail.

We started collecting rocks.  Some were smooth and some were bumpy.  Some big, some small.  They all had character and before long we were identifying what each looked like...a pig, a horse, a dino, etc.  Before long we had a handful of rocks in a bucket.

I realized how easy (and free) it would be to paint these rocks and make a fun project out of them.  So today we declared:

Pet Rock Sunday.

We started by giving the rocks a bath.  With bubbles - at True's request.

Oakley and I then had a conference and decided that, yes, True was ready to try painting.  So we got him in an old t-shirt and handed him a paint brush.  At first he thought it was cool that momma wanted to help him.
Then he decided that he didn't need my help so he grabbed the rock and gave it a hug (see giant stain on the shoulder)

then he decided to paint his hands instead

Then it became a free for all.  He dropped the paint brush and painted the counter, the wall and the floor.  I picked up the paint brush and offered it back to him, but he was too engrossed with smearing both hands into the paint and "hand painting" the rock.

I would show more pictures but it got so ugly that I had to reluctantly put down my camera and stop him from completely painting his chair and his eyeballs.

So we decided it was time to clean Truman.

When he napped, we finished.

Oakley decided on what character each rock would become and she painted the bodies of all the rocks.  Unfortunately, this isn't one of those "Oakley does all the work" type projects.  She did all the picking of eyes and colors and I did all the gluing.  

Oakley's favorite, by far, was the blue horsey.

meet our new family or pet rocks:
turtle, piggie, bunny, blue horsey and true's bear
Pet rocks reminded me of being a child.  They were fun and easy to do...and did I mention that they were free?  Yeah, I know that we had at one point purchased pipe cleaners and fuzzy balls, but really any random household stuff can be used (cotton balls, ribbon, buttons, stickers, you name it - you can use it!)

And Oakley loves them and played with them all afternoon.  Everyone wins.

What childhood projects, trends, traditions do you bring into your children's lives?  I would love to hear them - feel free to leave a comment!

bring something back in style today.
happy trails,

(and bunny, pig, blue horsey, turtle...anyone seen bear?)

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