Sunday, April 15, 2012

run, run, run . . . as fast as you can.

No, thank you.  I'll run.  But as fast as I can?  Maybe if there is a giant cheesburger in front of me. 

Well, if I am being truly honest, I don't enjoy the whole as fast as you can thing.  Sure, I love the feeling of gaining a new PR.  I dig it when I complete a run at a pace faster than I thought I would do.  But to set out purposely to "run as fast as I can".  Ughhhh, makes me not look forward to it so much.  I have learned to accept that I will not be a proud award winner at the races and that I will live in running mediocrity my whole life.  But isn't it more important to just enjoy it?  I enjoy it most at a comfortable pace, where my mind can be free of pain and free to wander.
When I wrote about my first marathon experience, I referenced the animal desire to eat vegetation off the side of the road.  That's not right. . . right?  I am five weeks away from doing the whole thing again.  Originally I put time goals into place and decided I was going to train hard and run as fast as I can.  Well, that's been called off. 

New goal:
to avoid the animal desire to eat vegetation.

Tomorrow is my 18 miler.  It is also the first time I will attempt to eat during the run.  Gross huh?  But I will try.  I found the cutest little Cliff Energy bars.  I think they will be perfect.  No so dry that I choke trying to breathe and not so chewy that I gag...or at least I hope.  I will also have a few GU and some water and Gatorade stashed at a few spots.  My loops will pass my water and Gatorade regularly and the Cliff bars will be bouncing around in my pocket.

Now, what to do with the 60% chance of rain?
I actually kinda like running in the rain, it's the lightening bolt next to the forecast that I don't like so good.  However, it's the thought of running 18 miles on our treadmill that really gives me the shivers.  I will probably choose the lightening bolt.
And call it an occupational hazard, but what do I do about the fact that all my running clothes have paint on them?  I guess I just have to smile and remember that it's because all things that I love to do are so closely tied together.  I will proudly wear my painted running clothes.

So - I fell asleep, laptop in lap last night.  Now, the run is done and I thought I would report:

There was thunder at six so I choked down a granola bar and went back to bed.

At seven there was no thunder, just light rain so I convinced myself to go.

The run was rainy but no lightening so I was happy.

I splashed in mud puddles and pretended to be a kid.

I ate my Cliff bars while running. Just a tiny bit gross, but they helped.

I did not even remotely feel like eating vegetation off the roadside.

I did picture eating cheesburgers almost the entire time.  Why does running make me think of cheesburgers?

I heard a car behind me as I was finishing.  When I turned into our driveway I realized the car was following me.  My cute family went out for donuts while I was gone.  That daddy sure knows how to make a Sunday morning special!  This, more than anything, made me smile.

Off to watch some palyoff hockey and hang with the fam -
have a great day,

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