Tuesday, May 15, 2012

aisle 6

aisle 6

Ahhhhhh, the time has finally come. 
This week marks the grand opening of a big part of my dream. 

aisle 6

My very own online store.

aisle 6 

My artwork in print.

aisle 6

In my mind, aisle 6 is where dreams go to come true.  

Since fall of 2009 I have have used the tag line "making tiny dreams come true".  Now, in the spring of 2012, I feel like my own dream of decorating the world for children is taking a big step in coming true.  Today I am officially opening my first online store where prints of tiny by design's most popular work will be available.

The night that aisle 6 originated was one of those defining moments.  I could feel the energy - that feeling that something great was about to happen.  Now, just two weeks later, it's force has shifted my path to one that I am so excited about.

The aisle 6 story:

It all really started back at CMU working at the local Red Lobster.  There was a group of us that just clicked.  We clicked in a "do everything together" sort of a way.  The group was big. (I won't even mention how many were in it or what their names are for fear of leaving someone out).  Life has taken us in all different directions...marriages, babies, cross country moves.  Some have lost touch all together... 
part of the crew - hanging out at the Bird

...and some have not.  Two weeks ago, two of my very closest friends and I decided to connect for a three way call.  Kristie Ignash (author of Just Being) and Kim Salter (from Design Thoughts), both of the former Red Lobster life, are two of the group who moved far away.  Kristie now lives in Texas and Kim in New York...so frequent phone calls and occasional visits home are the best we can do.  But despite the distance we remain connected in so many ways.  We all have young children, we all have spent time home with our babies, we are constantly working toward living a balanced life and we are all pursuing our dreams.  We found ourselves deep in conversation about what the next step would be in building our "empires"...for Kim it was setting up a charitable organization to help families live comfortably surrounded by beauty, for Kristie setting up her website to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams (through podcast, yoga instruction, stories and much more) and for me to "put myself out there" and start talking to people I meet...you know, like in Meijer and exciting places like that.  My goal was to grow the mural side of the business over the summer.  We were to keep one another updated through the week and planned to talk weekly about our progress and next steps.  As we were wrapping up the conversation Kristie joked about leaving encrypted sort of messages on facebook...you know, the type that say just enough to get people asking questions.  Like "had a great time in aisle 6 last night"! Giggle, laugh, chuckle...

my soul sisters!

Little did I know how aisle 6 would stick.

Over the days that followed our chat, Kristie and Kim both sent messages of progress and encouragement...and I completely switched my path.  I decided instead to open an online store (appropriately named aisle 6) and focus on the print side of things.  I don't even know what initiated this shift.  Maybe it was the fact that my babies are still little and I want to keep the majority of my work at home?  Perhaps it was the desire to do art shows and needing an inventory for them?  It really could be one of a hundred reasons, but the reason doesn't matter.  At some point during the last two weeks, I have become borderline obsessed with getting this store up and running.  In other words, I have been on the computer every free moment trying to get everything set up...and now it is.  It's been fun setting up a dream...and at times frustrating.  Like when I realized that out of the 50+ paintings I have done for tiny by design, I only have printable photos for a handful.  Thankfully, this handful represents the many of the pieces that have been the most popular...and many more will come! 

 aisle 6 is open for business...

examples of what you will find in aisle 6


paintings will be added regularly...in fact here are a few sneak peaks for what is in the works:

my first story board -
all about brave Ben on an adventure to get to the castle
each part of the story coordinates with letters of the alphabet

a simple castle
imagine what is going on behind those castle walls!

...and about a thousand ideas bumping around in my head.

Next, I am turning my focus on the expansion of tiny gives back...my small contribution to the world.
More on that story coming soon!

thank you for joining me on my new journey,


  1. Ahh the days of the Lob..Who is that girl with the boy haircut?!! LOL pls remind me to NEVER get my hair that short again.
    I love Love Love Aisle 6 and so happy that I was there in its creation :) I am so blessed to have such sacred girls by my side. Love you!!

    1. Thanks Kim! You are not the only one with boy hair...ugh. Thanks for you inspiration and support!


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