Sunday, May 27, 2012

the art of a photo shoot

I picked up the camera the other day....

and this is what I found:

a guilty make sure know one is watching

a quick pose

totally getting away with it

experimenting with angles

man, I'm gettin good at this

time to get serious

 pout face
(I was wondering how she got so good at pout I know she practices...
in the camera)


and about fifty others.

I've seen her steal the camera before.  One day I saw the flashes and heard the clicking coming out of a play tent we had in the living room.  She was in there, surrounded by stuffed animals, taking pictures of all her "friends".  But, I am not even sure when she took this photo shoot.  I just picked up the camera one day...and these pictures were there.  What a treat.

happy Memorial Day -

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