Friday, May 18, 2012

garden rocks

Let's start by stating a fact...

I am no green thumb.  In fact I need all the help I can get in garden.  That's why I recruited the expertise of little miss Oakley to help me design a system to keep it all straight.  She loved painting rocks for our painting like a rock star project so much, that we decided to take our skills outdoors.  We painted rock labels for our plants so we can tell them apart.  Plus, I am envisioning something like this:

"Oakley, can you please go to the garden and pick some basil leaves for dinner?"
"Sure mom, love to do it.  Which one is basil?" (apparently, I believe that the rocks will make her super agreeable)
"It's the blue rock with the red writing."

and whalla!  I have five basil leaves. 

Isn't that the raise little slaves helpers?  Just kidding...we all know toddlers love to help.  So why not put them to work...

we went on a rock hunt...

...taught Truman that throwing the rock in to a bucket (when you are 20 months and have NO aim) is not a good idea.  We also taught Oakley to stay clear....

...we used the hose and bucket of soap to do a rock bath...

...and that marks the end of Truman's role in the project.  He napped while Oakley laid all the rocks out on the table to get ready for paint.

Finally, after picking colors, we got to paint.  Weird, but paint seems to dry really quickly in 80 degree weather - good for finishing the rocks but bad for using a lot of colors at once.  You might argue that I should have known this going in...I don't even have a counter-argument.

We decorated the painted rocks with sparkles, stripes and labels.

Oakley ran back and forth, carefully placing each rock in the garden.

She arranged them...

...and rearranged them, over and over again.

Now, what are the odds that the labels will stay with the plants they represent?  Cilantro and parsley are interchangeable anyway, right?

enjoy this summery day,

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