Wednesday, May 2, 2012

hickory acorn nut-things

We found these acorns in the woods the other day, and they were just screaming "make me into something".  At least I think they are acorns.  Dane said that they might be acorns, or they could be Hickory somethings or maybe some kind of other nut.  For two Biology majors from CMU, we sure don't know our botany.  Either way, these little round wonders are about to become our latest kid's art project.

prepare the troops

Get your three year old to act like a big girl (or boy) so you can reward them with an art project.  Trickier than it sounds when a certain someone woke up about an hour and a half earlier than normal.  I'm not naming names...just saying, someone didn't get enough sleep last night.

decision making

Decide what they should become.  Oakley said a giraffe....I did a little redirecting and told her to come up with some bugs.  I can be creative, but come on, a giraffe???  So we agreed on the bug category and came up with:

a bumble bee
a fly
a rolly polly bug
(yes, rolly polly is the technical biology term)
a turtle
(already said no to the giraffe so the turtle stays even though it's technically not a bug)

scrub em up

I don't even know what to say about this, except that we washed the "acorns"


paint * googlie eyes * glue * crepe paper


super easy.

Oakley painted all the bodies.  She also counted out all the eyes.  See!  Art projects are educational!
The hardest part of the whole project was waiting for the paint to dry.  Well actually, the hardest part was that I kept gluing my fingers together trying to get tiny eyes onto these tiny bodies. 

Meet our new mini bug family:
choo choo (ladybug), zoom zoom (fly), eating (rolly polly), crunchy (turtle), puppy (bumble bee)

The best part of the project is that it literally can be done in a teeny amount of time and then your kids have new toys to play with.

Now, what did we do with Truman...

a lot.

He was a very busy boy today.

He wanted to stand on the kitchen table...not a good idea.

he didn't want to clean and began to day dream while staring out the window.

he played in the bubbles in the sink

and brushed his teeth

of course, he cried a little bit

and snacked a lot.

but at the end of the day...he just wanted to build stuff with his blocks.

enjoy some bugs today,


  1. SO cute!! I love all of your ideas!! and you have so many crafty things in your house!! I need to stock up!!

  2. Thanks Kim! All you really need are googly eyes and some paint! If it has eyes, it's Oakleys friend:) Good to see you in aisle 6 last night!

  3. Love this post! You always make me laugh and you're so creative!!!

  4. Super cool ideas to do with your children, specially on a rainy day!!


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