Sunday, June 10, 2012

so long Snow Wipe...

Things are changing.  In good ways.  In ways that make me want to quick pay tribute to a leading lady around this house...

Ms. Snow Wipe.
She is often seen galavanting with her close friend Sleeping Dooty.  Together, they join Oakley (playing the role of Cinderella) in singing the song about Santa know, the one one where "he sees you when you're sweeping."


My little lady had tubes put in her ears.  Almost overnight, she stopped asking me to talk louder and turn it up.  We also had to say good bye to Snow Wipe and Sleeping Dooty.  They were replaced with the better known Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

I'm not gonna lie, I already miss Snow Wipe and Sleeping Dooty.  (I mean come on, Dooty? how is that not funny.  Every single time.)  My girl is growing up.

So is my plan for tiny by design.  New avenues are being explored and I feel like it's time to get out of my basement studio and into the world.  As things unfold, I look forward to writing more about the journey.  In the meantime, I have a few larger scale projects in the works (my storyboard, another alphabet and a few more)...along with a few small ones (more paisley!).  There are potential art shows and home shows of a few varieties.  I am blessed with the opportunity to welcome my new nephew to the world with a mural (starting Monday).  A soft stream will run in the background of a beautiful birch tree.  I put out my first google ad and am enjoying stalking the stats to see new visitors coming to  I also am enjoying the fact that my kiddos want to be outside from sun-up to sun-down....and other nonsense.

So, I have had little time to write.  But I can tell that a good story is unfolding... 

Thanks for coming along.

off to make chocolate chip cookies and visit with one of my favorite people in the whole cousin, Abby and her little cutie baby Murphy.

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