Sunday, July 8, 2012

the inner workings of the mural - a photo post

I feel lucky.  Lucky to get to paint for a living and extra lucky that my brother and sister in law invited me to be a part of one of the most sacred parental rituals....decorating the nursery.   The newest baby in the Turner clan is joining us in just 10 days and last week I had the privelege of finishing a mural for his room.  I am knee deep in canvas paintings at the moment in preparation for my first art festival.  I have little time to write, but lots of time to share pictures.  Here is a quick and fun blog post to share some pictures of the mural process.

Mural painting can be a lonely job, but this time I was blessed with some company.  I had a great chance to catch up with my sister in law and am so grateful to her for taking pictures through the entire mural process. 

Here are some pictures of the two and a half day adventure:

Day one...

There is just something about a blank wall.  Gets me excited!

roughing in the tree

outlining the river banks

adding color to the river

Day Two...

Adding details, my favorite part!

adding detail to the banks of the river

couldn't wait to add depth to the river banks!

and some grasses...although they would come back to haunt me later

the nearest bank...not quite how I pictured it, not quite sure how to fix it...
so I moved on to "ragging" the leaves
a new technique for me...had to get used to it

using a brush to add some depth to the leaves

and then some detailed leaves to make it "pop"

Day Two and a Half...

putting it all together!

i finally figured out what was plaguing me about the bank...
too much sudden and harsh detail...
so i repainted all of the banks adding softer, more sparse details

like cattails and simple grasses

finally satisfied, we put the switch cover back on and called it done!

the finished wall...that is until I come back to add some character details.
my brother thought of a turtle on a rock in the stream...excellent idea!
and perhaps a fish jumping out of the water or a frog sitting on the bank...
whatever they want, whenever they want it!

I truly love mural painting.  But there is nothing in comparison to painting a mural for someone you love.  Knowing that my new little nephew will spend his younger years sleeping and playing under this tree...words cannot describe how it makes me feel as an artist, an aunt, a mother.  The fact that my nephew, Gabe, already runs into the room and talks about the river and the tree...I just love making art for kids.  Simple as that.

thanks for viewing!

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